Help support these happy goats (and other farm critters) with your soap purchases.

Neffy March 2021

This says it all.

Ethan two and a half months old

Ethan June 26, 2021. Two days old

Clarabelle May 2021

Bluebelle April 2021

Pioneer Neffy

Neffy the faerie goat


A very tired Neffy after helping with Earth Day 2019

Neffy at 6 weeks old, March 2019

Haywood is Amber's first kid. He is the "baby" of the family in 2018.


Winter sunrise



Winter moon setting over the farm

Goats enjoying the pasture.

Elliott pretending to be a mountain goat.

Addison "Addie" warm in her goat jammies and a coat.

Arlo Guthrie, our Goat Ambassador

Cinnamon and Juniper at 2 days old.