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Amber Green Man Goat milk soap


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    We have past the Fall Equinox. This special batch of soap has been curing in the energy of the early days of fall and the Sept full moon. As the leaves change color, add these special amber oil Green Man soaps to your autumn decorating. This soap is orange gold in color, with a bit of copper mica to add sparkle. The difficult to find oil of Amber is from semi-petrified resin of coniferous trees. It has a light, pleasant raw scent. It is used for protection, cleansing, and purification. Amber is an element of fire. Fire magic is good for working on increasing one's activity, for defensive magic, and for protection. It can destroy, but it also purifies.

    Also available in the Hygge Collection of Gift Boxes.

    This Green Man bar is about 5 ozs and uses high quality expensive essential oils and milk for my sweet goats to make it very special.
    Enjoy this handcrafted luxury bar energized with blessings from Spirit.
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